How to Edit This Wiki

The site is an ikiwiki instance. Files are checked into git for backend storage. Using git to clone the repository and then committing and pushing files publish them to this site.

This FSF SysOps wiki is a project hosted on Savannah. Members of the project may write to these pages. Meaning that to gain access to write this wiki one creates an account on Savannah and then is added as a member of the project.

Web based editing has not been enabled because it is tricky to have both anonymous web based edits merged with git based edits homed on the git repository server. This is not trivial to do. Because editing the files with regular editors and then committing and pushing is the way most projects work this is the same here.

Format and style

The pages are written in IkiWiki markdown format, for details see .

The files use the .mdwn extension.

Members of the FSF SysOps project should clone using this URL.

git clone ssh://

In the local cloned sandbox working copy make whatever changes you are making. Add them, commit them, push them. For example editing this file would be this sequence.

$EDITOR HowToEditThisWiki.mdwn
git add HowToEditThisWiki.mdwn
git commit
git push

As a guideline commits should be clean following the same rules one would follow when committing to any project.

At the present time commit diffs are not yet being emailed anywhere. It is likely that once we decide upon a mailing list that this will be enabled and then everyone will see documentation commit diff changes as they are published.

Diagrams are welcomed. PNG files tend to work best. Please be sure to include an editable source for the diagram as well (e.g. GNU Dia files).

See also SettingUpThisWiki.