Recent changes to this wiki:

Add Table of Contents page
* TableOfContent: New file. Table of Contents page.
Document LibrePlanet workstation network configuration
* LibrePlanetWorkstationNetworkConfig: New file. Document the
workstation NAT router configuration for the D16 OBS system and
laptops on a LAN subnet as used at LibrePlanet 2024.
Minor: Wordsmith a paragraph improving it
* SettingUpThisWiki: Improve directions for debugging when initially
setting up a new ikiwiki instance before others know about it.
Minor typo and spelling fixes
* SettingUpThisWiki: Fix various typos and spelling.
Removed Hindsight section
After more consideration I realize that the file mentioned in
hindsight cannot be combined with the other files in the sysops
directory since it is designed as a wiki refresh dispatcher. It
receives the directory name of the wiki getting a git commit-push and
then dispatches the mapped wiki to be refreshed. This cannot be
combined as part of sysops files since it is a dispatcher outside of
the sysops files.
Configure actiontabs theme
At the suggestion of Bustikiller upon discussion in #fsfsys.
Configured ikiwiki.setup file
This is the file as configured for use with the wiki.
Import initial ikiwiki.setup file
This is the original file created by ikiwiki using the --dumpsetup
option to create this file.
Fix spelling typo in SettingUpThisWiki
Link new SettingUpThisWiki into site pages
Mention this new document file in the appropriate places.
New file SettingUpThisWiki.mdwn
Documents the configuration and setup of this wiki.
Change license to the GNU All-permissive License
As discussed among and agreed upon by the FSF SysOps team members
in the 2024-05-15 meeting on Mumble.
Remove the note to the sandbox as unnecessary
The purpose of the sandbox is to point to the web editor but we don't
have the web editor enabled so this is really just more confusing than
helpful. Remove the line.
Create an initial starting index page
Include the main topic of this wiki.
Set up the copyright license for this work.
Added HowToEditThisWiki.mdwn
Much of the documentation was lifted from Savannah's
HowToAdminThisWiki.mdwn file.
Import the initial ikiwiki files
In this case just the default index.mdwn file.
Initialize repository